Creator PumpkinLOL
Creation 30 July 2013
Type Metahumans
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Relentless
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Inhuman Fitness
Parkour Skills
Martial Arts
Weaknesses Frail
Lack Destructive Power
Status Alive
Occupation Vandalizers

Subscouts are a group of BLK Scout TF2 Freaks created by PumpkinLOL.

Appearance and Personality

Subscouts appear as BLK Scouts wearing black hoods, and they hide their faces wearing the Phantom's Facade. They wear the Digit Divulgers as well.

The Subscouts are a mysterious group of scouts who vandalizes everything in their path, leaving their group name on the walls, cars, etc. They are hostile when they come in contact with individuals, and will attempt to attack and kill them. They are also relentless and fearless, displaying unflinching behavior when attacking.

Powers and Abilities

The Subscouts are agile, perceptive, fast, and nimble, dodging bullets and punches in a swift, even in the most unawarely.

They have the expertise when it comes to parkour. They display extreme dexterity, moving their limbs in ways no one else has done before and keeping their balance, with little to no effort. They can also be able to climb on walls at fast rates, and can leap far distances, sticking the landing with they reach the end.

They are also skilled in martial arts when in melee combat, they can do fast powerful kicks and punches at their opponents, knocking them unconscious in a minute or two.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Subscouts are physically frail, therefore they can defeated easily by powerful TF2 Freaks. They mostly rely on dodging their attacks because of this.
  • They lack destructive power, unable to defeat very powerful TF2 Freaks.
  • They can be able to be knocked off when they're wallclimbing.

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