Hornfel Icon
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation June 3,2017
Debut Pending
Type Freak
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Mischievous
Up beat
Fighting style Mid-ranged
Abilities Mine cart
infinite bomb supply
Brimestone bomb
Monster Wall form
Weaknesses Cowardly
Low durability
Status Alive
Occupation Mine cart racer
Allies Trumpet Scout
Boom Scout
Enemies Other Racers

Hornfel is a RED Scout TF2 Freak concept made by Kyuubiman3.

His idle theme is Blood & Bacon - Daytime tune

His race/battle theme: Twisted Metal 4 - Chaos


In his normal form, he appears as a weird and bizarre red-tinted Scout with Whoopee cap, red tinted Pyrovision goggles also "wears" Horrific Headsplitter and is always seen in his favorite mine cart.

In his wall form he appears as a rock wall with six eyes, two arms and a mouth.

Personality and Behaviour

Hornfel has a very childish mind and nature, and can be seen in areas like Bigcity and Cyberpunk racing anyone that has a home-made car.

When he is not racing, he watches anime or plays Dark Souls on his portable television set.

If someone makes a funny comment about him, especially about his skin colour, he will become enraged and transform into a monstrous wall with several limbs and smash them to the ground.

Powers and Abilities

Hornfel's main "weapon" is his mine cart. He can grab it straight from his pocket, and can drive it with the same speed and force as a monster truck.

Hornfel has a love of Demoman's primary weapons, and also has a life time supply of bombs to explode in his races. His favourite bomb is the Scorcher, because it creates a massive fire explosion. and his cart has in-build SMGs on the sides to fire at people when not using his explosives

Hornfel can float around his cart or people that he wants to race. He can also do a silly floating dance.

When in his wall form he acts like the Tank from Left 4 Dead 2, and throws rubble around and smashes people apart with great strength.

Faults and Weakness

Hornfel is as durable as a Scout and as easily harmed as one, so conventional weaponry is all it takes to kill him.

Hornfel is very cowardly without his mine cart, because it keeps his weaponry, so he is susceptible to damage if it is removed.

In his wall form he is very slow and he loses a lot of intelligence, so he can be outmaneuvered and outsmarted easily.


  • Hornfel means this
  • Hornfel's wall form is inspired by a Yo Kai called a Nurikabe
  • He is actually 2 years old, which explains his childish mind.
  • He is also Trumpet Scout's younger brother biologically.