Creator Hellman604
Creation 22.04.2013
Debut CyborHellman and his servants
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Unfriendly
Mad(When overaggressed)
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Resurrection
Massive Attack
Weaknesses Slow Attack Speed
Will lose consciousness when overagression is out
Status Alive
Occupation King
Subordinates Brute Drone
Zombie Slaves
Remnant Scouts
Allies Mummy Lovers
Undead Assassin
Pumpkin Men
Enemies TF2 Freaks

The Demoking (originally known as Undead Demoknight) is a BLK Demoman TF2 Freak created by Hellman604.

His normal theme is Dungeon Theme - Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

His combat theme is Overlord - Combat Main Theme.

Before the ascension

Demoking as Undead Demoknight


Darryl Chan was born in Singapore at 1899 at the town of Bedok.He was born from a chinese mother working at the chinese restaurant. There is a hearing,that Darryl was born such an ugly kid that his parents immediatly abandoned him and left him outside.Is this true or not is unknown,but he was cared and grown up by the pack of bandits that were pillaging small villages at Singapore. He grew up and after learning many things about war,he became the leader of the pack.Darryl was a very prideful man,he took the highest price after pillage for himself and for nobody else.He didn't had any love interest and in his age of 26 at some pillage he was shot by the Singapore police to death.He died,although as anyone else he was resurrected under unknown circumstances.He gained a large anger management when he was resurrected and then he gained a mace named "Mace of the Dead". He became Undead Demoknight and as you all know at some point he ascended and turned into Demoking.

Appearance and Personality

Originally in Hellman's deviantart pictures, Demoking was wearing a Spiral Sallet and a Menpo. Then he was wearing a dark knight helmet and the same menpo. next he was wearing Glasgow Great Helm, Dark Age Defender and Voodoo Cursed Demoman Soul and lost his Menpo. He is usually unfriendly to anyone (except his allies) and is extremely sadistic. After his ascension to Demoking, he became less-sadistic, but filled with pride. He wears the same Helm and Armour as before, but now uses the japanese demoman skin.

Powers and Abilities

He can resurrect deceased BLU and RED team-mates from the dead to make them serve as his undead slaves. He can use all his strength in a one single massive attack to defeat his enemies. Also after the ascension he has gained the power of reincarnation. If he is killed he will be resurrected with full powers which makes him practically immortal.If he spills enough blood in the fight or upon his oncoming death,he will rage, lend out a yell and enter his overaggression state. In this state,he gains a massive strength boost and those he attacks take additional burning damage.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Because the mace is a pretty heavy weapon,he can attack very slow with it.And can be defeated with a less heavy weapon.
  • In his overagression he is particularly ignoring any obstacles, this could lure him into a trap,a dead end or a death pit. Also,after his overaggression is out he will instantly lose consciousness and will fall to the ground with a terrifying yell.

    Demoking overagressed.


  • The voice used for his new form of being Demoking is the voice of Wraith King from the game Dota 2.

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